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Handling difficult leadership situations with confidence

Give your management know-how an efficient update.

Train specific cases from your daily work intensively.

How poised and confident do you feel in certain difficult leadership situations? Find out: closely address a leadership topic that is of relevance for your work – without investing too much time on the matter.

On this two-day intensive course, you reflect on your leadership style and enhance your leadership skills. You practise intensively in the group using exercises that are of relevance to your work and contain real as well as your own examples of situations. You train with experienced leaders from other companies, giving you the opportunity to think outside the box.

Learning aims

Icon Managementtools
Practical tools for leadership

All the tools you need to master your leadership tasks, for example:

  • Delegating tasks
  • Progress dialogues
  • Goal attainment dialogues
  • Meetings to voice criticism
  • Return-to-work meetings
  • Conflict resolution meetings
Icon Posirtiver Kundenauftritt
Practise your own challenging leadership situations
  • Conflict situations with your own supervisor or within your team
  • Accompanying change processes and restructuring measures
  • Taking on the leadership role in a (newly formed) team
  • Dealing with difficult personalities
  • Dealing with demotivated employees (mental resignation)
Icon Gendertypologien
Conducting difficult conversations confidently
  • Communicating difficult decisions with confidence (e.g. salary review)
  • Conducting meetings with staff to reprimand or dismiss them
  • Meetings where poor performance/goal attainment are discussed

Target group

This intensive course is intended for experienced leaders who want to become more self-assured and confident in handling difficult leadership situations.



Tailored content and formats in blended and face-to-face training with individual coaching for your success


Verifiable and long-term behavioural changes through personal coaching and PROAKTIV practical training on the job


Interactive and cutting-edge training and coaching with differing methods and formats depending on interests, learning profile and availability

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all training content is trained in the group
Individualised sector-specific training for in-house company groups, planned and conceived in accordance with the customer’s requirements
Full-day face-to-face
Interactive practice exercises, individual and group work, self and external assessments, presentations, exchanges of experience with best practice examples, concrete implementation tips. New ideas are tried out immediately.
2 days as requested
Training documentation
All worksheets and data sheets processed in the training sessions.
Note cards (print)
Concise summaries of the most important subjects in the face-to-face training in a handy A6 format, clearly arranged in the memoriser folder.
Training certificate
Awarded following the successful completion of and participation in all of the full-day training sessions or online modules. When the attendance is incomplete, a confirmation of participation only is issued.
Languages available
Further languages on request for in-house training.
German German / English


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Appointments & locations

Face-to-face Training

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