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Become the trainer you know you can be!

Become the trainer you know you can be!

PROAKTIV Trainer Academy

For good trainers to be better, and for passionate, articulate people who want to become trainers, Proaktiv Trainer Academy is designed to take you there. An intensive, powerful program designed by a Master Trainer to give you the skills necessary to lead dynamic, authentic and effective training.

The program focuses on the skills needed and gives participants the practice necessary to build confidence in those skills. Download the outline and watch the video which takes you through all 12 modules of the Proaktiv Trainer Academy.

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PROAKTIV Master Trainer

About the trainer

The PROAKTIV Trainer Academy is implemented by the Master Trainer Mark Cosgrove, who has been working in business for more than 25 years. He helps training participants shift attitudes and beliefs; learn skills; and acquire habits that improve their ability to add value to their organizations. By being part of the PROAKTIV Trainer Academy, Trainer-Candidates can acquire the skills to bridge the gap between where they are today and where they see themselves.

The content on a paper

You can find the content of the program summarized in our onepager.

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