Coaching Stage1


Improve performance by taking responsibility and being accountable for your own professional growth.

Coaching is an opportunity to set and clarify goals, see the gaps in performance and begin to acquire and hone the necessary skills to close those gaps.

  1. Say what it is that you want in your life professionally and personally; 
  2. Be willing to be coached on the best way to make that happen; and 
  3. Be held accountable to do the work necessary. 

An executive may be a talented contributor, possibly a subject matter expert who is valued by the organization, but that does not automatically mean that they know how lead in a way that is consistent with organization culture or style, or with the level of seniority they have attained. Coaching is an opportunity for them (for you) to grow into your leadership.

Coaching provides the space for individual questions and special situations that cannot be discussed or handled as such in a group. With individualised coaching, leaders expand their awareness and broaden their range of options for action. Resulting in measurable added value for your company.

How the PROAKTIV Coaching Works

At the initial meeting. The client is taken through a process which will set the tone and agenda for the future training meetings. Essentially, they are being asked what it is they want to achieve.

  1. You create a vision of what you want. 
  2. We begin to articulate a strategy for how to get there. 
  3. You look at the feelings associated with the vision and their ability to get there such as doubt, any self-limiting beliefs that would inhibit them to get there etc. 
  4. You then go through a Skills inventory – we take a deep dive into the skills or tool box that you have that will help you get there.   
  5. We next look at your Energy or Drive. These contribute to how much power and focus we can have for the tasks at hand.  
What you can expect from PROAKTIV Coaching

Principles of our coaching quality

Trainingsformate Praxisprojekt
Practice orientation

During our first briefing session, we develop specific goals for the coaching.

Mitarbeiter Und Motivationen
Learning by Doing

During each coaching session, the coachee reflects on the practical experience to get ideas for further development.

Icon Souveraen Unter Druck

In coaching, we work with the coachee to develop new solutions that fit his or her personality and ensure an authentic impact.

Lead Management
Goal orientation

We practice a written preparation culture and encourage the sharing of implementation results between business coaching sessions.

Icon Arbeitsalltag Loesungsoriert Gestalten
Result orientation

Nach jeder Praxisphase achten wir bei den Erfahrungspräsentationen speziell auf nachvollziehbare Resultate.

Trainingsformate Reminder

New perspectives, thought-provoking impulses and solutions are opened up to the coachee by means of various methods.

Meet our Coaches

Vinna Tsang
Proaktiv Vinna Tsang Coach

Working with clients across all industries, Vinna brings her authentic and powerful coaching ability to bear on helping them to meet their challenges and affect real, lasting change. Vinna works with leaders, managers, executives and job hunters to engage in a conversation to change their lives, and by extension the world they live in.

Vinna champions the skills that her clients bring to the coaching conversation and helps them grow in ways that allow them to achieve their vision for their careers, jobs and lives. Performance at the highest level is required to stay comeptitive in today’s business world. By leading clients on an intentional conversation, Vinna works with them in a holistic approach to unlock their potenial.

Vinna is a seasoned business executive with more than 20 years’ experience across industries all over Asia.


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Marketing), University of British Columbia
  • AoEC Accredited Associate Executive Coach
  • Member of ICF
Thomas de Brun
Proaktiv Thomas Debrun Coach

Thomas de Brun is a dynamic, passionate and powerful coach who has been helping executives and business people achieve success (as they define it) for more than 25 years. After a career in business including as a recruitment profesesional Thomas moved fulltime into coaching and training as a way to drive business success. A lifelong learner, Thomas is a qualified psychotherapist, NLP practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist in addtion to being a certified coach. 

As a coach, Thomas works with clients to understand their goals, as well as to dismantle the barriers that stand in the way of them achieving these goals. Having lived in Asia (Japan, Hong Kong & China) for most of his professional life, Thomas is culturally sensitive and often helps clients to navigate the multicultural business world.  

A firm believer that Coaching exists to help clients manifest sustainable behaviour change, Thomas helps clients achieve performance improvements benefitting themselves and their organizations. 


  • BEng, Bachelor of Electronic Engineering 1983, University of Limerick Ireland 
  • Dale Carnegie Instructor 1992 
  • Certified Adler Trainer 1999 
  • NLP Practitioner 2002 
  • Qualified Psychotherapist (NSHAP) 2004 
  • Qualified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist 2004