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Mark Cosgrove Training is changing (for the better)

From September 30, 2022 Mark Cosgrove training will become PROAKTIV® Asia. Discover how we are helping our clients improve their results by giving the people who work there practical, proactive tools and insights to change the way they work.

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Time Management: How organized are you in your daily work routine?

Get insights and strategies on how to make your workday more organized in this latest PROAKTIV Impulse.

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Management Deficit? Deal with it!

Are you new in a leadership position & have to manage a team in addition to your many tasks?

Check out this Impluse Video about how to deal with a management deficit.

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How do you manage your team remotely?

Inspire your staff to do good work; create and maintain strong connection between team members; and do it all virtually.

Get insights and strategies on how to do it in this latest Proaktiv Impulse.

PROAKTIV Here’s why


Tailored content and formats in blended and face-to-face training with individual coaching for your success


Verifiable and long-term behavioral changes through personal coaching and practice training on the job


Interactive and cutting-edge training and coaching – with differing formats depending on interests, learning profile and availability

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