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Lateral Leadership

Even without a boss: How you manage and lead without holding a managerial or leadership position.

You work with and in teams without hierarchical structures? In the Lateral Leadership Executive Training, you learn how to motivate the employees in your team and manage them by objectives – and at the same time work together successfully with the clients.

Learning aims

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Recognise and use strengths

Analyse your own strengths and those of your employees with the LIFO strengths profile.

  • Enhance awareness of the roles as an expert, strategist and leader
  • Recognize your personal LIFO strengths profile and preferred leadership style
  • Flexible management and leadership with LIFO
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Lead projects

Gain confidence in the leading of project teams.

  • Communicate expectations
  • Delegate tasks in a motivational manner
  • Agree and ensure aims
  • Recognize and resolve conflicts at an early stage
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Cooperate with customers

Optimise your customer contact competence as a confident representative of your team.

  • Define objectives and conditions
  • Present progress in projects
  • Address critical points openly
  • Present results successfully

Target group

The training course is intended for department heads, team and project heads, as well as employees without a disciplinary reporting relationship to a manager who have managerial tasks and act as a point of contact with the customers. You learn in the seminar how to consciously apply and utilize your personal leadership style tools in your team work, as well as in your customer contacts. These include, for instance, the professional expectations meeting, the progress dialogue with the customer, the needs analysis and the usages presentation.



Tailored content and formats in blended and face-to-face training with individual coaching for your success


Verifiable and sustainable behavioral changes through personal coaching and practice training on the job


Interactive and cutting-edge training and coaching – with differing formats depending on interests, learning profile and availability

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Find the right training format for you

Lateral Leadership compared



per participant


all training content is trained in the group
Individualised sector-specific training for in-house company groups, planned and conceived in accordance with the customer’s requirements
Full-day face-to-face
Interactive practice exercises, individual and group work, self and external assessments, presentations, exchanges of experience with best practice examples, concrete implementation tips. New ideas are tried out immediately.
3 days as requested
Training documentation
All worksheets and data sheets processed in the training sessions.
Note cards (print)
Concise summaries of the most important subjects in the face-to-face training in a handy A6 format, clearly arranged in the memoriser folder.
Note cards app
Concise summaries of the most important subjects in the face-to-face training, clearly arranged for smartphone use and on hand at all times.
Practice task
Training on the job: Practice tasks with concrete problems and issues are implemented during the training. Doing so, the trainer/coach provides active support.
LIFO strengths profile
Prepare your personal strengths profile, evaluate it together with the trainer/coach, utilise it in the training sessions, incl. learning recommendations.
Training certificate
Awarded following the successful completion of and participation in all of the full-day training sessions or online modules. When the attendance is incomplete, a confirmation of participation only is issued.
Languages available
Further languages on request for in-house training.
German German / English


per participant


Appointments & locations

Face-to-face Training

 1st Day
 2nd Day
 3rd Day
HotelHoliday Inn München-UnterhachingInselkammerstraße 7-982008 München-Unterhaching
 1st Day
 2nd Day
 3rd Day
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