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Training Formats

Achieving learning success with the right mix

You compile your training from various formats – completed based on your requirements, tailored to your company and your sector.

Find the right format with various components for you

Training formats compared

Digital formatMixed formatFace-to-face formatIn-house

The digital format consists of a combination of online modules, personal online coaching and a practical task. This concept ensures the long-term effectiveness of the digital learning and its transfer into practice. The participants learn when and where they want to, and have 100% flexibility. Learning can start at any time.

The mixed format consists of online modules, personal online coaching, a practical task and additional full-day face-to-face training. The content in the online modules, as well as the transfer tasks from the coaching, are deepened and practiced in the face-to-face training. You benefit from the flexibility of the digital training, as well as from the exchanges of experience with other parti-cipants.

The face-to-face format consist of full-day face-to-face training and practice tasks. We process and train the training content together in the face-to-face sessions. New ideas are immediately tried out with individual practice situations. The training sessions have a modular structure with practice phases in the company in between them. In this way, we ensure that the content implementation is effective in the long term.

The in-house training is developed on an individual basis in line with the customer’s requirements. All of the training formats can be applied here, depending on the subject area: face-to-face training, online modules, personal coaching and practice tasks. The number of full-day training sessions or modules are aligned to the customer’s needs. Doing so, customer-specific case studies and content are integrated into the training.

Compile your training activities completely based on your requirements

Our training components

Trainingsformate Online Module
Online modules

You train your learning aims in interactive learning units or modules. Numerous video sequences on concrete practice situations illustrate and exemplify the theoretical aspects. Practical tasks, worksheets and checklists facilitate their application in your professional everyday work. You have 1 year of access to all of the online content.

Trainingsformate Personal Online Coaching
Personal online coaching

In these one-to-one coaching sessions, each lasting 15 minutes, you practice your performance with your trainer by video conference. Doing so, you incorporate your personal practice situation into the coaching session. The coaching sessions can be booked conveniently via our learning platform.

Trainingsformate Face To Face Coaching
Face-to-face coaching

Depending on the coaching subject, working environment or specific requirement, you can book a full or a half-day of business coaching with us. The coach comes to you in your company or you meet at a neutral location.

Trainingsformate Präsenztraining
Face-to-face training

In these training sessions, we process and train the training content together. You get to try out new ideas immediately with your individual practice situations. Doing so, you also benefit from the experience of the other participants.

Trainingsformate Praxisprojekt
On-the-job project

Training on the job: the participant chooses a task to be fulfilled that is relevant to them in practice. Doing so, the trainer/coach supports the participant during the implementation phase.

Trainingsformate Reminder

Emails on subjects chosen by the participants provide regular motivation and ideas to apply what the participants have learned in practice. In this way, long-term effectiveness is fostered and encouraged.

Sam, our presenter, has some more information for you about our digital training options.