Managing Agile Transformation

Initiating and steering transformation towards more agility

NEW: dates available soon! Is agility a vision you should be aiming for? Specify what this means on the various levels in your company. Understand how the individual and organisation work together when dealing with change. Be an initiator and skilled companion during the transformation process. The blended learning course ‘Managing Agile Transformation’ provides you with a comprehensive understanding of agility and change management – and how the two of them function together during the transformation process in a company.

After the training course, you will be able to 

  • take a decision or give a recommendation on whether it makes sense to initiate an agile transformation in an area of work and if it appears to be feasible;
  • identify fields in your area of work where you would like to practise agility and to set goals on how the areas of work in question is to be changed; and   
  • create a plan of action for how you want to shape the path to more agility.   

Learning aims

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Kick-off workshop & feasibility (face-to-face)
  • Introducing participants to the topic
  • Overview: the path to agility
  • Similarities and difference between agile transformation and change management
  • The role of an agile change maker
  • Opportunity to discuss goals and the ability to implement them
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Business agility and analysis of SITUATION (online)
  • A company’s agile maturity (analysis of SITUATION)
  • Agile transformation means cultural transformation
  • The dimensions of a transformation
  • Agile organisational forms
  • Agile scaling
  • When and in which areas does agility make sense
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Agile transformation: setting GOALS (online)
  • Which goals can be achieved through agility
  • Managing goals in an agile environment
  • Defining individual goals
  • Becoming acquainted with change strategies
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Feasibility (face-to-face)
  • During this day of face-to-face sessions, the participants discuss the goals they want to achieve and review their feasibility. The sessions also aim to prepare participants for implementing their chosen measures.
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Transformation: the PATH (online)
  • Change is good – shaping change positively
  • Overcoming obstacles during change processes
  • Initiating agility in different areas/ facets (leaders, staff, team development, storytelling, introducing agile frameworks, convincing sceptics, etc.) 
Icon Beziehungsstaerken
Action plan and review (face-to-face)
  • This day of face-to-face sessions brings the training programme to a conclusion. It summarises the contents, reviews and gives participants motivation for the future.

Target group

The target group for this course are all those, who are supposed to drive forward the agile transformation in a company. We presume that in the main these will be management staff, organisational developers as well as HR staff and product managers who want to introduce agile methods and ways of working together. Where agile transformation is concerned, the participants are decision makers or influencers. Participants should have a basic understanding of agility. They may, for example, have acquired it on our online course ‘Agile Basics’.  



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