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Our Trainers & Coaches

The PROAKTIV team for your success

PROAKTIV works primarily with permanently employed trainers. And you benefit from the many years of experience the PROAKTIV trainer team provides.

In more than 1,300 full-day training sessions per year. For leading companies in the most diverse sectors. With about 4,000 participants each year. You can also benefit from the great experience of the PROAKTIV trainer team.

Our trainers’ expertise:

  • Completed academic qualification
  • Many years of practice in leadership and sales
  • LIFO® certification
  • DISG® certification
  • PROAKTIV trainer qualification
Become familiar with our trainers and coaches as well as our advisors and our management

Our team

Our trainers and coaches

Proaktiv Team Peter Auer
Peter Auer Director Trainer Management

Proaktiv Team Sven Bellers
Sven Bellers Management Trainer

Proaktiv Team Christoph Dressen
Christoph Dreßen Management & Sales Trainer

Proaktiv Team Antje Grobecker
Antje-Katrin Grobecker Management Trainer

Proaktiv Team Christine Holzschuh
Christine Holzschuh Management & Sales Trainer

Proaktiv Team Lars Huenermann
Lars Hünermann Management & Sales Trainer

Proaktiv Team Nicole Kluwe
Nicole Kluwe Management & Sales Trainer

Proaktiv Team Jutta Koester
Jutta Köster Management Trainer

Proaktiv Team Birgit Krell
Birgit Krell Management Trainer

Proaktiv Team Marvin Popescu
Marvin Popescu Sales Trainer

Proaktiv Team Juergen Rehberg
Jürgen Rehberg Management Trainer

Proaktiv Team Robert Reyers
Robert Reyers Management & Sales Trainer

Proaktiv Team Sabine Sieger
Sabine Sieger Management & Sales Trainer

Proaktiv Team Michael Skoczylas
Michael Skoczylas Management Trainer

Proaktiv Team Gerd Pult
Gerd Pult Founder of the Company

Our advisors

Proaktiv Team Nicole Berndgen
Nicole Berndgen Programme Adviser

Proaktiv Team Andre Drewke
André Drewke Programme Adviser

Proaktiv Team Carsten Duesener
Carsten Düsener Senior Key Account Manager

Proaktiv Team Nina Kenfenheuer
Nina Kenfenheuer Programme Adviser

Proaktiv Team Patrick Rinas
Patrick Rinas Programme Adviser

Proaktiv Team Isabelle Scholl
Isabelle Scholl Programme Adviser

Proaktiv Team Dana Schubert
Dana Schubert Programme Adviser

Proaktiv Team Anja Wollseifer
Anja Wollseifer Senior Key Account Manager

Proaktiv Team Carde Woerdehoffr
Carde Wördehoff Senior Key Account Manager

Our management team

Proaktiv Team Carolin Hug
Carolin Hug Management Board

Proaktiv Team Gaby Seuthe
Gaby Seuthe Management Board

Proaktiv Team Alexandrea Mathesius
Alexandra Mathesius Head of Administration and Controlling

Proaktiv Team Andrea Moog
Andrea Moog Director PROAKTIV Academy

Proaktiv Team Anja Fielitz
Anja Fielitz Supervisor Digital Solutions

Proaktiv Team Klaus Mueller
Klaus Müller Supervisor Sales