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For more than 25 years, we have conducted tailored training and coaching in leadership, sales and communications.

Since the PROAKTIV Management GmbH company was founded in 1995 in Munich, it has enjoyed continuous growth. With professional advice, excellent training quality and tailored programmes for our customers, we are counted among the top providers in the further and advanced training market.

This is the result not least of our high commitment to quality. Which has also been confirmed on an official level since 2014: PROAKTIV is certified in accordance with the international ISO 29990 standard, which consists of a service standard and a quality management system at the same time for providers of further and advanced training.

Due to the great demand for digital training courses, for several years we have concentrated on providing innovative learning solutions that reach our customers directly on the job and through which they become inspired and motivated over the long-term. Individual training concepts and plans, practical content and measurable results ensure our success.

PROAKTIV now has almost 50 employees and is represented in Hong Kong, as well as in its Munich and Cologne business locations. And we are spreading our wings further afield.

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In-house training programmes

PROAKTIV Management GmbH

Training and consultation in
management and sales
Baierbrunner Strasse 25 
D-81379 Munich

Telephone: + 49 89 / 78 58 15 80
Telefax: + 49 89 / 78 58 23 34

Email: info@proaktiv-management.de

Open training programmes


Open training programmes in
management and sales 
Bachemstraße 4-6
D-50676 Cologne

Telephone: + 49 221 / 4 85 38 38
Telefax: + 49 221 / 4 85 38 48

Email: info@proaktiv-management.de

PROAKTIV Management Asia Ltd.

Advanced Leadership,
Communication and Sales

17/F, Silvercord Tower,
30 Canton Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Telephone: + 85 2 / 9869 5626
Telefax: + 85 2 / 3975 8152

Email: training@proaktiv-asia.com