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Blended Business Coaching

In partnership, results-driven, respectful

Utilise coaching as an opportunity to focus on and realign your personal development.

What we understand systematic coaching to be

Systematic coaching

Coaching is a form of individualized process consulting in a professional environment, while keeping the organizational, the role, the function, the person and the individual personality levels in view.

The aims of a coaching session are determined solely and exclusively by the client (or coachee), who as a rule can freely select their coach. Potential subjects and topics include:

  • tense and stressful situations within the professional environment
  • personal conflict situations that limit the ability to work and perform
  • desires for changes on the part of the client.

Systematic coaching pursues the aim of re-establishing the client’s ability to organise themselves, and links this in a direct manner to their potential to take action.

Why coaching advances you personally

Aim of the PROAKTIV business coaching

  • With the support of the coach, you develop your individual options for action on the basis of your own values. Genuine personal responsibility and autonomous actions become feasible.
  • Self-reflection, honest feedback, and a protected space for ideas and thoughts to be openly discussed and developed further – all of these represent important prerequisites for lively development.

By yourself, it can be difficult to recognise potentials and obvious opportunities, or to defuse sensitive situations by means of a sober appraisal. By articulating our thoughts, abstract ideas and doubts openly to an outsider, additional clarification is achieved. Especially in times of upheaval with private and social changes, independent dialogue partners on an equal level are especially important.

What you can expect from PROAKTIV coaching

Principles of our coaching quality

Trainingsformate Praxisprojekt

Following our briefing session and the conducting of the written practice analysis with the coachee, we develop and elaborate concrete aims for the coaching.

Mitarbeiter Und Motivationen
Learning by doing

On each day of the business coaching, the coachee undertakes and completes numerous practice-driven exercises. This permits the coachee to gain new ideas for their personal development at each session.

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In business coaching, we develop and elaborate new solutions together with the coachee that match their personality and ensure an authentic impact.

Lead Management

We practice and implement a written preparation culture, and promote the exchange of the results achieved between the individual business coaching sessions. This permits us to increase the active coaching time, as well as the long-term effectiveness of the business coaching.

Icon Arbeitsalltag Loesungsoriert Gestalten

After each practice phase, we pay special attention to having comprehensible and traceable results during the presentations of the experience gained. In this way, the coachee becomes aware of their concrete best-practice examples and receive further valuable ideas and motivation.

Trainingsformate Reminder

Using a range of differing methods, the coachee becomes open to new perspectives, thought-provoking ideas and solutions. The process builds upon the resource- and solution-driven competencies of the coachee, which are fostered and activated.

We support and accompany you in the following areas

Selection of potential coaching subjects

  • Team development: one-to-one coaching and team coaching in change processes and decision-making
  • Professional planning: job changes and career advice
  • Personality development: self-reflection and creating awareness
  • Change processes in your profession: promotions, reorganizations, workplace bullying
  • Authentic appearance and people skills: inner attitude and external appearance

Utilize coaching as the opportunity for a realignment of your personal development and experience the personal successes you achieve in both your working environment and private sphere.